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2017 Annual Report

Due to your tireless work serving patients in your communities, you are being successful, despite the head winds. Because of this dedication, we are seeing so many of you grow and expand both locally and nationally. This growth, combined with your trust in us, means we are currently insuring more physicians, hospitals, facilities, and healthcare teams than at any time in our history. With your success and ours in mind, we invite you to review the Annual Report and see how your company performed in 2017.


We serve our PolicyOwners

As a true mutual, we do everything in our power to look out for the best interest of our PolicyOwners. In this video, some of MagMutual’s team members discuss what makes MagMutual different, how we serve the physicians and healthcare organizations insured by us and why they value working with and for you, our PolicyOwners. Watch this video to hear what they had to say about MagMutual, and the physicians and healthcare organizations we work with.

We are a great place to work

With a culture of excellence, openness and teamwork, MagMutual enables team members to collaborate across departments to better serve our PolicyOwners. We challenge employees to do their best every day and strive to return the best to them. Watch this video to learn what our employees think about working at MagMutual.

We empower our agents

Working closely with our agent partners, MagMutual provides the tools agents need to succeed. Through education, resources and support we build relationships with our agents and work directly with them to help protect PolicyOwners. Watch this video to learn more about how MagMutual goes above and beyond to assist our agents.