Meet the CEO, Dr. Joe Wilson, Jr.

Cardiologist, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Wilson has served since July 2011. Dr. Wilson practiced interventional cardiology in Georgia for 27 years.

Our Precepts

Always put our policyholders first

Deliver the best product

Maximize our positive influence on their practice environments, and

Optimally manage MagMutual

The MagMutual Experience

For over three decades, MagMutual has provided exceptional coverage and benefits while serving as a trusted advisor and strategic ally to thousands of physicians and hospitals. We continuously evolve to meet the changing needs of our PolicyOwners℠ and today we offer the best resources in patient safety, expert defense and a range of liability coverage from businessowners policies to professional liability. Our comprehensive solutions, combined with our outstanding service, extraordinary financial strength, unwavering commitment, plus dividends and rewards, provide our PolicyOwners with unprecedented value and an unparalleled experience.

Our Leadership

Nowhere is our dedication to supporting and protecting our PolicyOwners℠ more evident than in the commitment of MagMutual’s leadership team and board of directors.

The MagMutual Patient Safety Institute

As your partner in safety, the MagMutual Patient Safety Institute works to help you avoid bad outcomes by developing educational resources focused on prevention and safety in the practice of medicine

Claims Expertise

Though we hope you never have to endure the stress of a malpractice suit, you can practice with peace of mind knowing we’re here if you ever do. With MagMutual, you receive a thorough and objective investigation by a claims representative, claims manager, and defense counsel in consultation with you, the PolicyOwner, to evaluate and bring your case to ultimate conclusion. Historically, we have kept 95% of claims brought against our physicians and hospitals from going to trial. And of the 5% of claims that end up in court, we win 4 out of 5 of them. We believe in aggressively defending our PolicyOwners, which is why our claims solutions go a step beyond what other insurers offer.

The MagMutual Foundation

The Foundation was created so that our PolicyOwners could make a difference. Through the Foundation, PolicyOwners now have the ability to recommend the areas where we focus our grants in continuing to support the medical community.

Work With Us

Our competitive salaries and benefits packages, team environment and focus on professional development to build your success and ours make MagMutual a great place to work.

What Is Everyone Reading?

MagMutual has one of the largest libraries of patient safety resources and educational materials - we choose the most relevant topics selected from claims data and PolicyOwner℠ feedback.

Failure to diagnose and delay in diagnosis are some of the most common allegations of medical liability claims that we see at MagMutual.

The MagMutual Patient Safety Institute is pleased to offer its physician and hospital PolicyOwners access to our Emergency 24/7 Physician Hotline.

The most common system-related factors involved problems with policies and procedures, inefficient processes, teamwork, and communication.

Retrospective studies have established that medication errors do occur in the perioperative environment as much as in other areas of health care.