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Henry (Sandy) Easley, MD

Board Member

Dr. Easley took a roundabout way to becoming a physician, finishing an engineering degree, then law school, before finding his way back to his original dream of becoming a physician. Dr. Easley knew as a child that he wanted to be a physician and after several years of practicing law, he again felt the calling to practice medicine and changed professions. He has now spent more than 30 years as an Ob-Gyn and Urogynecologist.

As a physician with a legal background, Dr. Easley was drawn to the MagMutual Board of Directors and felt like he had a unique background and good perspective to offer that might help contribute to the success of the company.

Dr. Easley believes it is the unique background of board members, including both the legal and medical professions, that gives it a unique view into the world that MagMutual PolicyOwners face every day. For example, the all-physician claims committees help to give the company’s claims specialists and defense attorneys a wealth of resources to assess claims. PolicyOwners not only come first, but have other physicians, every day, who are personally involved in supporting and defending them.