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Michael Bono, MD

Board Member

Like many physicians, Dr. Michael Bono was drawn to medicine at a young age after admiring how well his family pediatrician took care of patients. Today, Dr. Bono is in his 31st year of practice as an Emergency Medicine physician.

A fellow board member helped introduce Dr. Bono to the MagMutual Board of Directors after he had already worked on both the North Carolina claims committee and done medical malpractice reviews. Dr. Bono enjoyed it so much that the board member told him that he needed to be on the board of directors.

Today, Dr. Bono has served on the MagMutual Board of Directors since 2008. He also participates in the claims, editorial, education, medical relations, patient safety, underwriting and Virginia claims committees.

What originally drew Dr. Bono to the board at MagMutual is what continues to keep him protecting and defending his fellow physicians today. For him, it’s the heart and soul that board members put into reviewing and dissecting each case and how the board and management never stop looking for ways to give back to PolicyOwners.