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Peter Steckl, MD

Board Member

Dr. Pete Steckl was drawn to the intellectual challenge of medicine and was also greatly influenced by his mother, a pediatrician, who worked at a county clinic when he was a child. Dr. Steckl enjoys the instant rapport he’s able to build when interacting with patients as an emergency room physician.

As risk management director for his emergency medicine group, Dr. Steckl worked with and became familiar with MagMutual’s risk management and claims teams. He was eventually offered a position on the claims committee and joined the MagMutual Board of Directors in 2011.

Dr. Steckl credits his board membership with giving him the opportunity to develop a new skillset and insight into the insurance industry, which he believes has helped him increase his medical career longevity.

With a board and claims committees comprised nearly entirely of physicians who have personal insight into the day-to-day practice of medicine and its trends, Dr. Steckl believes MagMutual is best positioned to defend policyholders. In addition, insureds benefit from the company’s growth, innovation and ability to keep bringing value to policyholders.