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S. Terry Smith, MD

Board Member

Like many in the field of medicine, Dr. Terry Smith became a doctor because he liked interacting with people, helping them solve problems and becoming part of their lives. Though he is no longer involved in direct patient care, currently Dr. Smith writes for the South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA) magazine and is on the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Lexington Hospital in Lexington, South Carolina.

Dr. Smith credits his experience working on the MagMutual claims committee for helping him understand how unique MagMutual is in its dedication and support of physicians. For this reason, he was motivated to help the company grow in South Carolina and beyond. Dr. Smith has been a member of the MagMutual board of directors since 2011.

Dr. Smith believes that MagMutual’s commitment to supporting physicians and its desire to bring about quality improvement in medical practice is what makes the company unique. This commitment is evident through MagMutual’s patient safety and risk management services and education and its information technology innovation.

On the state level, MagMutual dedicates significant time and resources to monitor, understand and influence complex legislative activities on behalf of PolicyOwners. This collective legislative voice directly supports pro-medicine legislation and its proponents. And in the unlikely event of litigation, MagMutual’s Doctor2Doctor® program offers peer support to physicians and gives physicians a direct voice in the process. For Dr. Smith, MagMutual is much more than an insurance company – it’s a family that he’s proud to be a part of.