Want to Apply? Here's What You Should Know

Application Guidelines

The applicant must have a recommendation from a MagMutual Insurance Company policyholder. The Foundation favors applications for grants of $15,000 or less. 

Qualifying States

Applicants from all states are welcome to apply. 

Delivery of Healthcare

The request or proposal must be related to the profession of medicine or the delivery of healthcare.

Do You Need a Grant?

With a recommendation from a MagMutual Insurance policyholder, organizations may submit full grant proposals. We are requesting that policyholders invite possible grantees to learn more about the Foundation and how to apply. For more information about the Foundation, please contact the MagMutual Foundation Executive Director, Donna Andrews at dandrews@magmutual.com.

For More Information

Organizations meeting the requirements of the MagMutual Foundation are welcome to begin the application process by clicking the button below. Should you have any questions in completing this application, please contact our administrator at jjohnson@foundationsource.com or (800) 839-1754.