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Hoyt W. Torras, MPA, MHA

Senior Medicare/Medicaid Specialist

Hoyt Torras is a Senior Medicare/Medicaid Specialist for the Patient Safety Institute.  Hoyt has over 30  years of experience assisting medical practices in reimbursement and regulatory issues. Along with health care attorneys, he has helped physicians who are being audited by Medicare, Medicaid and other payers. More importantly, he assists medical practices develop reasonable and effective compliance initiatives to avoid audit risk.

Prior  to  joining  MagMutual  in  2015,  Hoyt  served  as  the  Associate   Executive   Director,  Medical  Association  of  Georgia   from 1984-1988. In addition to working with  physicians  and  hospitals,  he  was  Budget  Director,  Georgia  Department  of  Medical Assistance from 1977-1980.

Hoytis a graduate of Georgia Tech and holds two master degrees including a Masters of Health Administration.