J. Price Corr, MD

Potrait of J. Price Corr, MD

J. Price Corr, MD

A trip to the emergency room when he was five years old caused Dr. Price Corr to think he might want to be either a physician or a fireman. After the surgeon sewed up his cut leg, he gave Dr. Corr a stethoscope and told him to keep it – saying that maybe he, too, would become a doctor one day. Dr. Corr still has that stethoscope.

Today, Dr. Corr has been a general surgeon for more than 35 years. He joined the MagMutual Board of Directors in 2004 at the invitation of board members, seeing it as an opportunity to serve fellow physicians.

Currently, Dr. Corr is a member of the claims, governmental affairs, medical relations and underwriting committees, and is also on the board of the MagMutual Foundation.

Dr. Corr believes physician involvement is what separates MagMutual from other insurance carriers. As a mutual insurer, MagMutual is owned by its PolicyOwners, who are therefore involved in the leadership and decision making at the company. This structure impacts not only other physicians and PolicyOwners, but the patients they serve as well.