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By setting up a free account, you’ll gain access to more claims lessons, 100s of articles, lessons and educational resources and toolkits. In addition, you’ll have access to all of the resources available through our 2015 alliance with COPIC, the industry leader in patient safety. MagMutual is committed to improving healthcare outcomes through patient safety and risk management and to supporting physicians in delivering the best care possible.

Becoming a PolicyOwner at MagMutual means you are becoming an owner of the company. You will have full access to all of our website content, including the MagMutual Patient Safety Institute’s copious resources and educational opportunities. In addition, our PolicyOwner benefits include: dividends, Owners Circle Rewards, Doctor2Doctor Peer Support and complimentary access to UpToDate Anywhere. For more than 32 years, MagMutual has served as a trusted advisor and strategic ally to thousands of physicians, hospitals and healthcare teams.

We offer all the essential coverage a physician or medical practice would need. Our coverage includes medical professional liability, businessowners liability, personal insurance, workers' compensation, commercial umbrella liability and cyber and regulatory liability. 

Our policies for your hospital or healthcare facility include hospital and physicians primary professional liability, umbrella liability which includes even more for professional, general, employee benefits, employee liability and other coverage, cyber and regulatory liability, and workers' compensation. 

  1. Online: Visit our PolicyOwner portal at To obtain access to your PolicyOwner portal please contact your agent. Check out our instructional video
  2. Email:
  3. Fax: 404-842-2033
  4. Phone: 800-586-6891
  5. Mail: MagMutual Insurance Company, Attn: Workers Compensation Claims, PO Box 52979, Atlanta, GA  30355-0979
  1. Call: 1-800-586-6891 to speak with a member of our claims team. 
  2. Send: a completed incident form and all relevant medical records, correspondence, and legal documents to This form contains protected health information which must be protected and safeguarded. This form may only be transmitted by a secure, encrypted email system. If you do not have a secure, encrypted email system please call the number above.