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When to call the claims department:

  • If you are served with a subpoena or lawsuit;
  • If you receive contact from a plaintiff attorney;
  • If you receive an attorney request for records or insurance information;
  • If you have a patient who has made a monetary demand; or
  • If you have a situation you feel could potentially become a claim, such as an adverse outcome or unexpected death.

Leaving a voice mail, sending an email, or faxing information does not fulfill your reporting requirements.
You must speak to a person in our Claims Department to receive instructions on our claim filing procedures.

For the quickest reply, please use the form below.

Contact an office in your state toll-free by phone:

  • Alabama 1-800-282-4882
  • Arkansas 1-800-282-4882
  • Florida 1-800-783-8455
  • Georgia 1-800-282-4882 or 404-842-5600
  • Florida 1-800-783-8455
  • Kentucky 1-800-282-4882
  • North Carolina 1-866-798-5281
  • South Carolina 1-888-892-5212 or 803-731-7575
  • Tennessee 1-800-282-4882
  • Virginia 1-888-892-5213 or 804-935-7820
  • Charges may apply:
  • Claim history 404-842-5446
  • To submit a claims history by fax: 404-848-8610

Representatives are available from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm EST for your convenience.