MagMutual’s bold approaches are setting a new standard in healthcare liability insurance.


Our innovative, data-driven advancements and visionary new methods are making healthcare liability insurance smarter – and our PolicyOwners even stronger. We have the leading tools, employ the right strategies and deliver the best protection, all so we can return more value to you.

Clinical Assessment of Claims

Any incident you report is immediately reviewed by our assessment team, which includes doctors, clinicians, attorneys and analysts. This team of specialized professionals lets the medical facts guide them as they evaluate damages and liability and determine the best possible claims management path for you.

Claims Predictive Model

We’re bringing innovative predictability to healthcare liability. In the event you’re sued, our exclusive claims predictive model will compare your case against decades of historical data to quickly determine its most likely outcome. We’ll tell you your odds – and exactly how to improve them – so you can confidently choose your best path forward.

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MagMutual OneModel

See all of your risks and all of your protection in one place. MagMutual’s revolutionary new tool uses your specific profile and our extensive claims database to create an interactive visual simulation of your entire universe of liability, how your current insurance holds up against it, the potential losses you face and how to better manage your risk. It’s the only way you can be sure you’re getting the coverage you need, and it’s only from MagMutual. (Pat. and Pat. Pend.)

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Customized Risk Management

Many insurance companies have a risk management program, but only MagMutual has the Institute – a team of physicians, attorneys and risk consultants dedicated to making you stronger. Employing a unique three-step process, the Institute takes a close look at you and your practice, then supplies you with customized, actionable guidance – not generic, one-size-fits-all responses – so you can achieve measurable results.

Industry-Leading Financial Rewards

While other mutual insurance companies are declaring dramatically lower annual dividends – or nothing at all – MagMutual has been consistently making payouts since 2007. In total, our PolicyOwners have received more than $293 million in financial rewards, including $154 million in the last five years alone.*

Flexible Product Capability

MagMutual can handle the complete product spectrum – from guaranteed cost coverage, to large deductible, to captive options and everything in between. You decide how much risk you want to absorb, and we’ll customize the right solution.

Comprehensive Coverage Options

MagMutual isn’t just a malpractice insurer, we protect you from all the liability risks you face. Our visionary approach examines risk from all sides to offer you comprehensive insurance solutions for the practice, business and regulation of medicine. We see your whole picture – and that makes you even stronger.

*Dividends and Owners Circle allocations are declared at the discretion of the MagMutual Board of Directors and are subject to eligibility requirements.