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Communicating Lab and Diagnostic Report Results to your Patients

As a doctor it is your responsibility to communicate effectively with your patients, both during and in between appointments. Communicating lab results or diagnostic test results is crucial for effective patient care. It’s important that your medical practice or hospital has a clear policy for communicating these results in a timely manner.

If you’re having trouble contacting a patient concerning their lab or diagnostic results, MagMutual typically recommends contacting the patient on three separate, and timely occasions; twice with a phone call and message; and once with an e-mail or letter. Take care to document each of your attempts to contact the patient—noting time, date, and method of communication.

While this is a good general rule for practices to follow, each case needs to be considered separately. Depending on the specific circumstances (the patient’s condition, the nature of the test results, and the urgency of the situation, etc.), the contact methods and frequency should be reevaluated and adjusted.

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