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MACRA – How to Maximize Your 2017 Advancing Care Information Transition Score, EHR 2014

August 8, 2017

For those using EHR technology certified to 2014 edition

Base score + performance score + bonus score

            *Maximum score of 155%, but all scores capped at 100%


Base score - required measures for 50% base score

  • Security risk analysis***
  • E-prescribing – 1 patient
  • Provide patient access – 1 patient
  • Health information exchange – 1 patient


All base score measures must be met to receive the 50% base score.  If these requirements are not met, the base score is 0.


***A security risk analysis workbook can be found on MagMutual’s Cyber Center under best practices/conduct a risk assessment


Performance score - measures for performance score up to 90% (numerator/denominator)


Objective                                            Measure                                                          % Points

Patient Electronic Access                   Provide Patient Access*                                 Up to 20%

Patient Electronic Access                   View, Download and Transmit (VDT)            Up to 10%

Patient Specific Education                 Patient-Specific Education                              Up to 10%

Secure Messaging                              Secure Messaging                                          Up to 10%

Health Information Exchange            Health Information Exchange*                      Up to 20%

Medication Reconciliation                 Medication Reconciliation                             Up to 10%

Public Health Reporting                     Immunization Registry Reporting                  0 or 10%


Performance Rates for Each Measure Worth Up to 10%

Performance Rate 1-10 = 1%                             Performance Rate 51-60 = 6%

Performance Rate 11-20 = 2%                          Performance Rate 61-70 = 7%

Performance Rate 21-30 = 3%                         Performance Rate 71-80 = 8%

Performance Rate 31-40 = 4%                         Performance Rate 81-90 = 9%

Performance Rate 41-50 = 5%                         Performance Rate 91-100 = 10%


Bonus score - two ways to earn a bonus score for 15% of your advancing care information final score:

  • Earn 5% bonus for reporting on one or more of the following Public Health and Clinical Data Registry Reporting measures:
  • Syndromic Surveillance Reporting
  • Specialized Registry Reporting
  • Earn a 10% bonus for using CEHRT to report certain Improvement Activities


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