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Recommended Content, As Picked By You

March 17, 2017

As your patient safety team, part of our mission is to be aware of your favorite articles, courses and other content so that we can be sure we’re delivering content that is relevant and important to you.  

Our most popular courses, chosen by PolicyOwners, are:

  1. HIPAA Privacy and Security: Preparing for Increased Enforcement. This course touches on some of the top privacy and security challenges facing healthcare professionals. By reviewing emerging risks related to compliance law, we can help you develop strategies to better face these continuing updates. Take the course! Have you already taken this course? We recommend reading HIPAA: Key Areas Where Problems Occur for further education on this subject. 
  2. Defending a Medical Malpractice Case. Familiarize yourself with the many aspects of a medical malpractice case – including common malpractice theories and important factors involved in defending a case. Take the course!
  3. Safety and Liability, Health Information Technology: Electronic Health Records. This course highlights some of the challenges facing healthcare professionals when using EHRs and managing data. This course also offers a plan to help improve your use of the EHR to benefit patient care. Take the course!

Have you already taken this course? We recommend reading Preparing for Possible CMS Audits of EHR Incentive Programs for more information.

Our most popular articles and claims lessons selected by PolicyOwners are:

  1. Docs on Candid Camera: Recording Clinical Encounters. Patients who record visits with their doctors is a subject that has gotten some bad press in recent years; yet there may be a valid reason to record a clinical encounter. Read this article to learn more about what we suggest.
  2. Treating Employees, Family, and Yourself. Most healthcare professionals have experienced when a family member, friend or employee asks for some “off the cuff’ medical advice. While many times this advice may seem harmless, there are certain risks that should be considered. Find out why by reading our article on this topic.
  3. Claims Lesson: Pain Management with Opioids. With the opioid crisis continually in the news, along with new CDC guidelines on the topic, it is no surprise that many of our PolicyOwners are concerned. Find out what you may want to consider when including opioids in your treatment plan here


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