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Orthopedic Surgery Toolkit

The Orthopedic Surgery Toolkit is comprised of articles, advisories, forms and resources, claims lessons and learning modules for orthopedic surgeons.  The purpose of the toolkit is to provide resources and tools that may be helpful in reducing risks and improving patient safety related to orthopedic surgery.

This toolkit will guide orthopedic surgeons through some comprehensive tools and resources to help them practice safer medicine. Some of the topics that will be covered here are:

  • Handoff/discharge
  • Referrals
  • Reconciling test results


  • Follow-up tracking
  • Call coverage
  • Supervision of midlevel providers
  • Clinical tracking systems
  • Patient non-compliance
  • Telephone communication
  • Claims lessons
  • Pre/Post operative patient education
  • Orthopedics and opioids
  • Medical errors
  • Wrong site surgery
  • Informed consent
  • Medical records
  • Litigation
  • and more.

What's Included

Module 1 - Coordination of Care/Provider and Staff Communication

Lessons Learned
Patient Advisories
Physician/Staff Advisories
Begin Module 1

Module 2 - Physician/Patient Relationship

Communication/Follow Up
Documentation and Education
Advance to Module 2

Module 3 - Medications

Safety Advisories
Lessons Learned
Medication Safety
Advance to Module 3

Module 4 - Safety/Complications

Safety Advisories
Lessons Learned
Advance to Module 4

Module 5 - Documentation/Informed Consent

Informed Consent
Advance to Module 5


The information provided in this resource does not constitute legal, medical or any other professional advice, nor does it establish a standard of care. This resource has been created as an aid to you in your practice. The ultimate decision on how to use the information provided rests solely with you, the PolicyOwner.