Message from your Board

Cathy Andrews, MD   MagMutual Board Member
The MagMutual Board of Directors is made up entirely of policyholders. As such, they are tirelessly working together to make decisions they believe would benefit MagMutual's owners. Want to know what the MagMutual Board of Directors has done on behalf of PolicyOwners in 2016? Watch Dr. Cathy Andrews's video.

Message from your Chairman

Joe Wilson, MD   Chairman of the Board
By ensuring that the goals of all those who work on behalf of our policyholders are aligned, your Chairman leads the company to accomplish specific tasks that will benefit our physicians and hospitals. See him discuss some of what we were able to achieve in 2016.

Message from your President

Neil Morrell   President
Part of the benefit of being a MagMutual owner is knowing you own a well-run and successful company. From exceptional staff to understanding our PolicyOwners' risk, much goes into optimally managing MagMutual. Find out what your President and company are doing to keep MagMutual thriving.

Message from your Chief Financial Officer

Naveed Anwar   EVP, Chief Financial Officer
This is your company and we want to make sure your ownership is financially rewarding. Do you want to know how the company did financially in 2016? Listen to your CFO discuss MagMutual's financial success and click below for a PDF version of the financials.

Message from your Chief Business Operations Officer

Ed Lynch   EVP, Chief Business Operations Officer
As a mutual company, we try to listen to what we can do to deliver a better experience to you, our PolicyOwners. That experience is about providing more than just medical professional liability coverage. Find out how we did in 2016 with this video message.

Message from your Chief Legal Officer

Michael Markett   EVP, Chief Legal Officer
Healthcare regulations are on the rise, making the legislative environment more challenging than ever for physicians. MagMutual is constantly working on your behalf to fight harmful legislation while supporting beneficial legislation. Hear what MagMutual has done in 2016 from your Chief Legal Officer.

Message from your Chief Information Officer

Sallie Graves   EVP, Chief Information Officer
Technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in the lives of our PolicyOwners. Find out what MagMutual is doing to capitalize on that and to provide you with a better experience.

Message from your Chief Medical Officer

Bill Kanich, MD   Chief Medical Officer
As your partner, MagMutual wants to share the insight we receive about adverse outcomes to help support you in the delivery of patient care. Find out more about what MagMutual is doing for patient safety, risk management and the physicians and hospitals we serve.

The Annual Report

Want to watch one video that includes all of your company's updates? Click here.