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By offering healthcare professionals all the essential coverages, we simplify your insurance needs and support you while you stay focused on patient care. We are your single source for all liability coverage.


Protected in Practice

The Practice of Medicine

We strive to provide you with insights that can help you prevent bad outcomes; but if an adverse event does occur, we are ready to stand in your defense.
business of medicine

Protected in Business

The Business of Medicine

Caring for patients is your business, protecting your practice is ours. We know that even a small business interruption could mean a big loss for you. Our solutions ensure minimal financial loss and a quick return to business as usual.
Regulation of Medicine

Protected in Regulation

The Regulation of Medicine

Medicine is a complex, regulated industry which makes it difficult to track the ever changing rules. We’re here to help by keeping you informed as regulations change and protecting you from claims that may arise from unintentional noncompliance.

Best Defense

With a team of clinical, legal, regulatory and operational experts to advise you, we will be your greatest advocates and best defense against all liability. We win 4 out of 5 cases that we take to trial – in addition, we close more than 84% of non-meritorious claims without payment to the claimant.


We understand the litigation process has an emotional impact on physicians, which is why we’ve created our Doctor2Doctor® Peer Support Program. This program connects physicians who have experienced the process with physicians currently enduring it.

Practice Safer With Our Learning Resources

Our ongoing evaluation and analysis of the liability risks our PolicyOwners℠ face provides timely data on healthcare trends. From these trends our patient safety consultants develop safety tips, articles, resources and educational content to improve and support your healthcare team(s).

Recommended Reading

MagMutual has one of the largest libraries of patient safety resources and educational materials-- we choose the most relevant topics selected from claims data and PolicyOwner℠ feedback.

In response to the nationwide opioid epidemic, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has announced the creation of the Opioid Fraud and Abuse Detection

Part 1: Clinical impact, incidence, and potential causes

For those using EHR technology certified to 2014 edition

As you know from our prior email, all Georgia prescribers are now required to register with the Georgia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP).

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