This is Your Company

From consistent dividends to our Owners Circle® rewards, MagMutual strives to give as much back to our PolicyOwners as possible and our record speaks for itself.


Over $175 million returned in dividends since inception, and 2016 marked the largest year-over-year increase for dividends in the history of the company.


Our PolicyOwners have access to a free subscription for this powerful clinical decision-making support tool.

Owners Circle

For the past five years we have pledged additional funds to the Owners Circle program equal to 20 percent or more of a policyholder’s premium.

Patient Safety

Vast educational resources, learning courses for clinicians, administrators and medical staff, CME and CNE credit offerings and more.

We Are the Leading Evaluators

The risks you face in your practice, facility or hospital, are dynamic, which is why MagMutual is constantly evaluating the risks our PolicyOwners face or may face in the future. Our evaluation leads to the creation of new and updated products that will better protect you.

We Are the Leading Analyzers

With over 30 years of experience defending our PolicyOwners, we’ve developed valuable insights about the root cause of claims. By analyzing these root causes we are able to develop actionable guidance that helps our PolicyOwners avoid claims and practice safer medicine.

We Are the Leading Managers

Our understanding is your advantage. From the products we create to the advice we provide, MagMutual is better equipped to help our PolicyOwners navigate the shifts in healthcare and risk. We aren’t just your insurance company; we are your partner in risk.

Empowering and Protecting Physicians and Hospitals

For more than three decades, MagMutual's singular commitment and purpose has been to empower physicians and hospitals to practice the very best medicine. Everything we do at MagMutual is in the interest of protecting and supporting the practice of good medicine, ensuring your continued success.

What Is Everyone Reading?

On February 16, 2017 the Virginia Board of Medicine (“The Board”) adopted regulations entitled “Governing Opioid Prescribing for Pain and... read more

MagMutual and the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) are encouraging every physician in the state to review the following summary of H.B. 249

On May 19, 2017, South Carolina Governor Harry McMaster signed House Bill 3824 into law.

New Kentucky Law requires reporting of dense breast tissue to patients.

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