2018 Annual Report

We know you have a choice in insurance providers, and we thank you for choosing us. We promise to always put your interests first, to continue to look for ways to deliver you more value and to return the profits of our efforts back to you. This is your company.

Letter from LeadershipCombined Financials

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Putting our PolicyOwners first

As a mutual company, MagMutual truly works on behalf of our PolicyOwners in every regard. We are their advocates, and we strive to make sure we’re always helping them understand, reduce and manage their risk better than anyone else. Watch this video for more insight into our unwavering focus on our PolicyOwners.

Partnering with our agents

MagMutual always puts PolicyOwners first, and our agents are our partners in the process. Using creativity and innovation, we arm them with products and resources to address any exposure, situation and business need. Watch this brief video to learn more about the ways MagMutual helps agents deliver the best solutions to our PolicyOwners.

Powering the right people

Every employee of MagMutual, in every department, is aligned toward the PolicyOwner. We set clear goals as a company and as individuals, and make sure we all have the tools, capability and empowerment to achieve them. Watch this video to learn more about how our collaborative, solutions-based culture fuels our shared focus.