MagMutual’s regional leadership gives you personal attention, no matter where you are

With our extensive regional teams and agency partners across the country, MagMutual is right where you are, ready to give you the service and support you deserve. But more than that, we’re committed to understanding your healthcare environment and your business regardless of your location or ours. Whether you’re curious about a coverage option or concerned about a new local regulation, we can help.

Meet the leaders who work with and guide our local teams and agent partners in delivering the best protection and resources to you.


Lani Painter

Deputy Chief Business Development Officer

Johnathan Brutlag

Business Development Executive

Scott Atkins

Regional Executive Officer, Mideast

Mike Beckett

Regional Executive Officer, Southeast

Michael Reveliotty

Regional Executive Leader, Northeast

Bryan Bowdish

Regional Executive Officer, South Central

Sandra Coultress Wilson

Regional Executive Officer, Southwest

Jesse Lyons

Regional Executive Officer, West

Mark Wittel

Regional Executive Officer, Midwest

Jim Kenney

Regional Executive Officer, Mid-Atlantic