Log into our portal at MyMagMutual and let us know what we can do for you.


This is your company, and we’re always happy to help. All policyholder support is now located in MyMagMutual. Whether you’re looking for technical support, policy services or risk management, head over to MyMagMutual using the login or register buttons below.


If you’re looking for credentialing, whether it be a loss run, certificate of insurance or proof of insurance, please submit your request via our company portal, MyMagMutual, using the login or register buttons below.
On the Support page you can access credentialing services using the Request Insurance Verification button.


You can submit a claim quickly and easily online by logging into our portal, MyMagMutual, using the login or register buttons below.If your organization has a workers' compensation policy, you will see a separate button for workers’ compensation claims once you're in the portal.

As an alternative, you may email a completed Incident Report Form to [email protected] or fax it to 404-842-9556. Please include all relevant medical records, correspondence and legal documents. This form contains protected health information that must be safeguarded and
may only be transmitted by a secure, encrypted email system. If you do not have a secure, encrypted email system, please submit your claim via MyMagMutual.
For questions or assistance, contact a member of our claims team at [email protected] or 800-586-6891.

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