Online Quoting

What is online quoting?

Online quoting is a web-based quoting system that allows you to receive real-time insurance coverage quotes without the assistance of an agent or Service representative. In many instances, you can receive a quote in minutes, rather than hours or days. 

Why did MagMutual decide to add an online quoting solution?

The online quoting tool allows you to receive a real-time quote at your convenience any time day or night.

What are the benefits of receiving a quote online?

Receiving a quote online will save you time and offer you greater flexibility.

What products are available for online quoting?

You can request a quote for either Medical Professional Liability or Cyber & Regulatory Liability.

What coverage limits are offered?

Coverage limits vary by state. We offer the most common limits by state, as well as an option for more protection and less protection, where available. Also, we provide a custom option so you can create your own coverage limits.

Is MagMutual available as an insurance provider in my state?

MagMutual provides coverage in all states except New York. We also don’t offer coverage in Puerto Rico. Massachusetts practitioners are not eligible to apply for coverage via online quoting at this time and should instead contact their agent or our Service Team at 800-282-4882, option 1 for assistance.

Do I have to be a registered user of your website to request a quote?

No, you can still receive a quote if you are not a registered user. 

Can I save my quote request and return to complete it later?

Yes; however, you will need to register as a user in order to return and review.

Once I receive a quote, will I be able to access that quote prior to committing to it?

Yes, by registering as a MagMutual user in our portal, you will be able to access all active quotes.

Will I receive a quote online immediately?

In many cases, yes. However, in some cases our underwriting team will need to review a quote. Reasons for underwriting review could include missing documentation, conflicting information or licensing board issues. If an underwriter needs to review a quote, we will notify you at the email address you provide.

Will I have to provide any documentation?

Yes, you will be required to upload a copy of the declaration page of your current policy as well as a currently dated 10-year loss run or NPDB report, as well as any losses or incidents reported to your insurance company not reflected on the loss run. You will have 30 days to provide this documentation. 

How long is my quote valid?

Your quote is valid until the policy effective date. If your quote expires, you may request a new quote with a new effective date. 

Can my quoted rate change?

As long as you finalize your coverage prior to the quote expiration date, the rate will not change.

What happens if I want to finalize coverage?

If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to login or register. Once logged in, you will be directed to the first page of your application. 

Can I cancel my quote request?

Yes, you can cancel the process at any time.

What if I receive an error when trying to submit my information?

If you receive an error message that you cannot resolve, please call our Service team at 800-282-4882, option 1.

Who do I contact with questions about my quote?

If you have questions about your quote, please call our Service team at 800-282-4882, option 1.

How will I get my Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

Once your quote is finalized, you will receive an email directing you to our portal, where you will be able to access and print your COI. If you are not already a registered portal user, you will be directed to register.

Can I get an additional quote for another line of coverage?

Absolutely! Just return to our site and either log in or proceed as an anonymous user to begin the quoting process. 

What if I am an existing customer? Can I still get a quote for another product?

Yes, if you have a portal account, you can log in and proceed with the online quoting process.

If I accept a quote and proceed with finalizing medical professional liability coverage, what are my payment options?

You will be invoiced on a quarterly basis and will have the option of paying via our online platform or by check. If you wish to pay the full amount at once, please contact our Service Team at 800-282-4882, option 1. 

Premiums can be paid quarterly or annually via our online platform or by check.

The retroactive date is the earliest point in time that your insurance policy will cover an incident or dispute.

What is a retroactive date and how does it apply to my policy?

The retroactive date is the earliest point in time that your insurance policy will cover an incident or dispute.

What happens to any data I enter into online quoting?

The data you enter into the quoting tool is not sold or used for any purpose other than to accurately complete your quote.