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Are You Using the Right Web Browser?

Did you know that the web browser you use can actually have a big impact on your online experience? Most current websites – including the new and improved MagMutual site – work best with a modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari or Microsoft Edge. That’s because certain features and functions of these sites won’t work with more “traditional” web browsers like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. 

Although Internet Explorer 11 is still installed on the current version of Microsoft Windows, it is no longer the premier web browser offered by Microsoft. That distinction belongs to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft recommends Edge, not Internet Explorer, as the safer, faster, more productive way to browse the web.

Please consider installing and using a modern browser so that you do not miss out on all of our site’s features and functionality. Additionally, we suggest you avoid using Microsoft Internet Explorer altogether, because, despite still being maintained and offered by Microsoft, it is generally more susceptible to security, performance and operational issues. 

Thank you and enjoy the new site!


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