MDAdvantage Agent FAQs

Why do I not see all of my customers in the portal?

MyMagMutual was designed to provide access to all policyholder information for an agency account. If your customers' policies span across multiple offices or agencies, you may need additional access to view policyholder details for multiple agency accounts. To request this access, please contact the MagMutual Service team.

Has all of the MDAdvantage policy information moved over to MyMagMutual Agent?

Two years of policy information and documents have been transferred to MyMagMutual Agent. If you require access to documents older than that, please contact the Service team for assistance. The MDAdvantage portal will no longer be available to you after October 27.

What access levels are available within MyMagMutual Agent?

  • The Agent profile provides access to customer records in which the agent is the producer on a policy.
  • The Agency Manager profile offers broad access to all customer records for an agency.
  • The Agency Admin is similar to the Agency Manager profile with the added ability to add and manage MyMagMutual Agent users within your organization.

Where can I find commission detail?

Please contact the Service team for commission information.

Can policyholders also access their policy information?

Yes, policyholders can access their policy information from MyMagMutual directly, and now you will be able to manage customer access from the MyMagMutual Agent portal. Policyholders can access their policy and billing information, submit and view support requests, ask for insurance verification and request admin access. There are also additional permissions given at the Billing and Policy Admin access levels.

Will policyholders continue to receive copies of their policies mailed to them?

For renewals and new business with a December effective date or later, agents will need to pass policy documents onto their clients. Paper copies will no longer be mailed to policyholders.