MyMagMutual Agent: An Overview

MyMagMutual Agent is your one-stop destination to find important customer and policy information and make you better equipped to service PolicyOwners. It offers a replacement to Agent Portal and PolicyView and allows you to:

  • View customer, policy and billing information
  • Download policy documents and request insurance credentials
  • Get help with policy changes
  • Submit claims online
  • Search an extensive resource library of forms, applications and marketing materials
  • Stay up to date with the latest MagMutual news and announcements

You must have a account with a log in and password to access MyMagMutual Agent. Find out how to get started below!



Getting Started: Accessing MyMagMutual Agent

How do I set up an account?

At the top of the home page, click Register and select I’m an agent. Enter your email and provide the information requested.

Next, you’ll get an email inviting you to activate your new account on From here, simply follow the steps to register and verify your identity through a secure process.

If you receive a message that your information isn’t found in our system, ask your Agency Administrator to set you up as a new user in MyMagMutual Agent under the Manage Agents section. Or contact our Service team at 844-782-0025, option 5 (our dedicated number for agent assistance and questions).

Please note: Our former agent portal is available as we transition to the new one. However, the credentials you've used for that portal will not transfer. You must use a account to access the new portal.

How do I log in to MyMagMutual Agent?

Click the login link at the top of the home page and navigate to the My Account page. The MyMagMutual link will take you to MyMagMutual Agent, where you can access customer and policy information.



What’s Inside: Navigating the New Home Page

What can I expect when I log in to MyMagMutual Agent?

Once you’re logged in, you can easily access the main sections of the portal right from the top menu bar: your Customers, our library of Resources, the MagMutual Learning Center, a new way to get Support online, your Agent Inbox, and, if you’re a policy administrator, a link to Manage Agents and their portal use.


What’s Inside: Making the Most of Customer Information

How do I locate a customer’s policy information, documents or billing details?

Click Customers in the top menu bar to access a list of all your associated policyholders. Once you select an account, you are presented with a deep dive into their Policies, Billing and Documents. Select a policy to view more information.

Pro tip: if you have multiple policyholders, try sorting or searching the list to locate a specific customer. Want to search by a policy number? You can do that, too. 

How will I see information about policy transactions for my clients?

You can go to your Agent Inbox to see information about transactions and documents for your clients. You also will receive policy activity emails when transactions are made and documents are available. Those emails will be sent from [email protected]; to ensure delivery, make sure that address is included on an approved sender list so it will pass through any filters or firewalls your organization has established.

Where can I view my customer’s documents?

After you have selected a customer’s account, select the Documents tab and click on a policy to view details. From here, you’ll be able to see a list of available documents and access each one to view, print, download or save.

How can I view Billing details for a Policyholder?

After you have selected a customer’s account, select the Billing tab and click on a policy to view details. From here, you’ll be able to see Installments, Breakdowns of premium for each physician, and Payment Plan details.

Where can I see the premium by doctor?

Once you select a policy, click the Who’s Protected tab to view details of your customer’s insureds. Here you can see the physician’s name, their status, the classification and specific premium.

Note: Who’s Protected data is not available for all policies.

How do I find Owners Circle benefits for my policyholder?

If your customer is enrolled in Owners Circle, their benefits, statements and more can be found on the Owners Circle tab under the policyholder’s account.


New Feature Highlight: Managing Customer Access to MyMagMutual

Did you know customers can access their policy information from MyMagMutual directly? That’s right. You can save time and delight your policyholders by giving them self-service access to policy and billing information, documents and support from the MagMutual service team.

How can I see if my customers have registered for the MyMagMutual customer portal?

Once you click into a policyholder’s account, you can manage your customer’s access to MyMagMutual from the Manage Users tab. Here you’ll be presented with a list of your customer’s contacts that are associated with your policies. The Status and User Type can help you verify if a user has access to MyMagMutual. If the user is Active and has a User Type, they have access to a MyMagMutual account and can log in from If you see the Invite button next to their name, they have not yet registered. Clicking this button will send them an invitation to set up their account.

How do I invite a new contact to the MyMagMutual customer portal?

First, navigate to a policyholder record and select the Manage Users tab. It’s a best practice to check first to see if your contact is already listed. If not, use the Add New MyMagMutual User button to create a new contact. Once you enter and save the contact’s information, this triggers a welcome email inviting them to register and verify their MyMagMutual account on  

How do I know which MyMagMutual access level I should give to a customer?

• Customer – Can submit and view support cases, request insurance verification and ask for admin access.
• Billing – Can submit and view support cases, view the Billing tab and pay bills online. 
• Policy Admin – Has all the capabilities of Customer and Billing users and also can view Policy, Billing and Document details.
• Purchasing Program Admin – Has all the capabilities of Policy Admin and also can access all policies within a purchasing program.

How do I modify a customer’s access level?

First, locate the account within the Customer section. Then navigate to Manage Users to search for the specific user that you wish to modify. From here, you can edit the contact’s status or access level.


What’s Inside: Navigating Resources

Where can I find important resources, marketing material, forms and proposals?

Head on over to the Resources section, where you can access an extensive library of content that can make you more effective and better informed. Here you can find:

  • Applications and Forms
  • Claims process and filing information (including Workers’ Compensation)
  • Marketing Materials
  • Proposals
  • Rate Filings
  • Risk Management information
  • Details about UpToDate
  • MagMutual Contacts

What’s Inside: Making the Most of Self-Service Capabilities

Where can I submit a question for service or support?

If you or a policyholder need help from MagMutual, navigate to Support in the top menu bar and choose from among the following options:

  • Get Support - Use this option if you have general requests or a question about claims.
  • Submit Claim Online - This option allows you to submit a claim for a client.
  • Request Report or Insurance Verification - Select this option to request insurance or claims history or a loss run.
  • Request Policy Change - Use this option to ask for policy changes, such as if a customer needs to add or change an insured location, physician, coverage or limits.

How can I submit a claim for my customer?

Navigate to Support in the top menu bar and click Submit Claim Online. You’ll walk through a five-step process to submit a claim and will need such details as the account name, policy and policyholder information, the type of claim, and provider and incident details.

How can I check the status of my inquiry?

When you submit a Support case, you’ll get an email confirming we’ve received it, along with your Case Number. Cases submitted through MyMagMutual Agent display on your Support page with the case number, type of request, status, subject and the date it was submitted. Click the Case Number to access the details. If a file is associated with your case, you’ll find it here.

You can expect to get an email when your case is closed. For additional details on your case, log back into MyMagMutual Agent and locate your case in the Support section.

How can I request changes to a policy?

Customers often need to make changes to their policies, and it’s easy to request this right from the Support page. First, select the Request Policy Change button, then choose the corresponding policy and click Next. Here you have options to specify the type of change - such as if a customer needs to add or change an insured location or a physician, or change coverage or limits.

How do I request a payment plan change?

Payment plan changes can be initiated from the Billing section under a customer’s account. From your Customers list, select the account for which you’d like to request a change. Click on Billing and select a policy.

The Payment Plan section displays the customer’s current plan and other plans available. To select a new plan, click Request this Plan next to the option you wish to select. This will submit your request for our team to process. Keep in mind changes are not in effect until confirmed by MagMutual and customers should continue making payments for the existing plan until the change is reflected on the next invoice.


Managing Access to MyMagMutual Agent 

What is my access level?

Your online experience will be tailored to your specific access level. Here’s a breakdown of the different user profiles within MyMagMutual Agent:

  • The Agent profile provides access to customer records in which the agent is the producer on a policy. If you have an Agent profile, you can see information for your clients.

  • The Agency Manager profile offers broad access to all customer records for an agency. If you have this profile, you can view all customer information for your agency.

  • The Agency Admin profile also offers broad access to all customer records for an agency. If you have this profile, you can view all customer information for your agency, like the Agency Manager. You also have the added ability to add and manage MyMagMutual Agent users within your organization, which can be done from the Manage Agents section.

How can I add new agents to the portal?

If you are an Agency Administrator, you have access to view all customer information for your agency – just like the Agency Manager profile. You also have an additional feature that lets you to set up new MyMagMutual users from your company - and manage their accounts.

To get started, visit Manage Agents in the top menu bar. This page will display a list of contacts associated with your agency.

For existing contacts, the Status and Access Level can help you verify if a user has access to MyMagMutual Agent. If you see the Invite button next to their name, they have not yet registered. Clicking this button will send this contact a welcome email with details on how to register for their account.

To add a new contact, click the Add New Agent User button. Once you enter and save the new contact’s information, the contact will receive an email to register for their MyMagMutual account. Keep in mind, when adding new users, the Agent profile will only see customer information when they are associated as a producer on a policy.

How do I change one of my agent’s details, access level or status?

If you need to change a user’s details, Visit the Manage Agents page and click the Edit button next to their name. If you have an agent who no longer works with you, you’ll want to update their status to Inactive. This assures they will no longer be able to access MyMagMutual.

If you need to set up another Agency Admin, simply check the box to Request Agency Administrator Access, and a MagMutual associate will handle the rest.

Why do I not see all of my customers?

If you are set up as an Agent profile, MyMagMutual will display the customer records for which you are the producer on a policy. If you recently took over an account and do not see your customer details in MyMagMutual, please visit the Support section to request to have the producer updated on the policy.