Claims Services

Our extensive support and vigorous defense optimize the claims and litigation process and help you become even stronger.

We strive to help you avoid the unexpected outcomes that can lead to claims. When one happens, though, we’ll guide you through it – efficiently, attentively and expertly.

Assessment TEAM

Any incident you report is immediately reviewed by our assessment team, which includes doctors, clinicians, attorneys and analysts. This team of specialized professionals lets the medical facts guide them as they evaluate damages and liability and determine the best possible claims management path for you.  


Our proprietary technology compares your claim against decades of historical data and analyzes it based on the factors we've determined have the greatest influence on it. That helps us predict the most likely outcome for your case. Then, using our Google-like search capability, we find ways to improve the odds in your favor.

Attorney Panel

We vet the attorneys we use to assure they have successful medical professional liability trial experience, confirming only the best attorneys represent the interests of our PolicyOwners.

Witness Preparation

We invest additional time and resources to assist you and your expert witnesses before deposition and trial to be certain you are as comfortable and prepared as possible.

Personal Contact

Your individual assigned claims contact will keep you informed and involved throughout the progress of your claim to its conclusion.

Efficient Claims Handling

Our optimized process includes aggressive work up, early expert review and continual evaluation of cases. Every claim gets the attention it deserves.


Our early-intervention program helps physicians maintain relationships with patients who had an unexpected outcome.  By promoting open, honest communication and providing needed financial support, MagMutual enables you to meet your patient’s expectations during this crucial time so you can preserve your relationship. 

Doctor2Doctor® Program

We want to do everything we can to help you avoid the stress of legal action. In the event that it happens, though, Doctor2Doctor is available to guide you through it. PolicyOwners who are going through the stress of litigation can receive personal support and advice from a peer who has experienced it firsthand.

Our ground-breaking claims approach is bringing innovative predictability to healthcare liability, resulting in better outcomes for our PolicyOwners.  

Over the last three years, we've kept 98% of claims brought against our insured physicians and hospitals from going to trial.



Need to file a claim?

  1. Call: 800-586-6891 to speak with a member of our claims team. 
  2. Send: a completed incident form and all relevant medical records, correspondence, and legal documents to This form contains protected health information that must be protected and safeguarded. This form may only be transmitted by a secure, encrypted email system. If you do not have a secure, encrypted email system, please call the number above.