MagMutual and UpToDate®: delivering clinical information at the point of care

Our risk-mitigation advice is integrated into UpToDate to help prevent the top causes of poor outcomes among patients. And it’s available only to MagMutual PolicyOwners.

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PolicyOwners receive a no-cost subscription to UpToDate, the clinical-decision support tool associated with improved outcomes and used most by physicians and residents.

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Known as “Google for doctors,” UpToDate lets physicians and other healthcare providers quickly and easily find reliable, evidence-based answers that are continually updated and reviewed by leading experts. You can even earn CME/CE/CPD credits every time you research a clinical question and track and redeem your credits right from your mobile device. 

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Content Integration

Now when you search for specific conditions in UpToDate, it delivers the top drivers of healthcare risks from MagMutual — along with the latest evidence-based solutions you’ve come to trust. You can click through and review strategies to improve patient care, reduce the risk of unexpected medical outcomes and avoid claims.

These strategies are available only to our policyholders as part of their free subscription to UpToDate. While this complimentary access is a great value-add, it’s even more powerful with the integration of our risk information into the website.