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Stay Protected with Customized Insurance and Risk Management Solutions

As a healthcare provider, you face three areas of liability: the practice, business and regulation of medicine. MagMutual provides our PolicyOwners with solid protection, expert support and valuable insights through flexible and scalable coverage options to best fit your needs. 

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Practice of Medicine

Protecting yourself and your reputation provides peace of mind. Our professional liability insurance safeguards physicians, patients and healthcare organizations from the risk of claims.

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Medical Professional Liability: According to the Medscape Malpractice Report 2019, 59% of responding physicians had been named in a malpractice suit, either individually or with others. Get access to liability coverage and support.

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Hospital Professional Liability: Protection for both your facility and employed physicians, unmatched risk management and patient safety support all rolled into one single product.

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Business of Medicine

Keep your business operational, protect valuable assets and prevent personal liability losses related to exposures that arise from running your practice or facility.

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Management Liability: Organizations need unique solutions. Liability for directors and officers, employment practices, fiduciary or crime insurance — we tailor our coverage to your organization’s needs and size.

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Workers’ Compensation: Ensure that you and your employees are protected while facing increased risk within the workplace.

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Regulation of Medicine

Organizations within the healthcare industry can be susceptible to threats of a data breach or regulatory matter. Receive coverage and expertise through MagMutual to protect your assets and patient information. 

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Cyber Liability: Shield your organization from data breaches and cyber threats and protect your digital assets and patient information.

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Regulatory Liability: Ensure that your organization is protected from current and future government regulations for the healthcare industry.

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*Coverage availability may vary by state; contact your agent for more information.

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The power of insight

Now you can see all of your potential risks and all of your protection in one place. MagMutual’s revolutionary new risk tool uses your specific profile and our extensive claims database to create an interactive visual simulation of your entire universe of liability, how your current insurance holds up against it, the potential losses you face and how to better manage your risk.  (Pat. and Pat. Pending)

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Alternative Risk Solutions

Our creative insurance options offer significantly reduced expenses, less volatility and a higher potential return. You decide how much risk you want to absorb and we'll build a customized solution that works for you and your organization. 

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MagMutual consistently returns the profits of our efforts back to our PolicyOwners in the form of dividends and Owners Circle rewards. This is your company, and we want you to be the first to benefit from our success. 

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MagMutual provides comprehensive coverage, along with customized advice, exceptional claims support and consistent financial benefits, to more than 40,000 healthcare providers and organizations nationwide.