MagMutual Board of Directors

Physicians advocating for physicians

Members of MagMutual’s Board of Directors serve as trusted leaders, advisors and allies, ensuring that the company provides exceptional protection and support to PolicyOwners.

William Kanich, MD, JD

Executive Chairperson, Emergency Medicine

Portrait of William Kanich, MD, JD

Neil Morrell

Chief Executive Officer, Board Member

Portrait of Neil Morrell

Dara Aliff, DO


Portrait of Dara Aliff, DO

James Ball Jr., MD, MBA

Diagnostic Radiology/Neuroradiology

Portrait of James Ball Jr., MD, MBA

Scott Bohlke, MD

Family Medicine

Portrait of Scott Bohlke, MD

Benjamin Cheek, MD


Portrait of Benjamin Cheek, MD

C. Thomas Hopkins, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery/Sports Medicine

Portrait of C. Thomas Hopkins, MD

Casey Lewis, MD


Portrait of Casey Lewis, MD

Timothy E. Lietz, MD

Emergency Medicine

Portrait of Timothy E. Lietz, MD

David Stewart, MD


Portrait of David Stewart, MD