C. Thomas Hopkins, MD

Potrait of C. Thomas Hopkins, MD

C. Thomas Hopkins, MD

Dr. C. Thomas (Tommy) Hopkins has served as a physician for nearly 40 years, with medical service dating back five generations in his family. Dr. Hopkins has been in private practice as an orthopaedic surgeon for 30 years and served 13 years as a flight surgeon and orthopaedist in the United States Air Force.

As a member of the University System Georgia Board of Regents, he has been instrumental in increasing primary care and surgical residencies in Georgia.

Insured with MagMutual since 1982, Dr. Hopkins was inspired to be part of its board by one of the company’s founders, Dr. Bill Collins, whose work and leadership he admired. He currently serves on the audit and government affairs committees.

Dr. Hopkins is passionate about the uniqueness of MagMutual – a company founded by physicians that works solely to protect physicians and healthcare teams and provide the best defense in the industry.