James (Jay) Ball Jr., MD

Potrait of James (Jay) Ball Jr., MD

James (Jay) Ball Jr., MD

With over 33 years of combined clinical and administrative practice, Dr. Jay Ball brings a wealth of experience to the board of directors at MagMutual. 

Following in his father’s footsteps as a physician, Dr. Ball spent 28 years in the academic and private practice of diagnostic radiology and neuroradiology. He has since served for more than five years as a chief medical officer in a large healthcare system.

Dr. Ball has been a board member at MagMutual since 2009. He currently serves on the MagMutual Holding Company board and chairs the MagMutual Specialty Insurance Company board. He also serves on the audit, compensation, finance, government affairs and nominating committees.

Dr. Ball is committed to protecting and supporting MagMutual PolicyOwners and to improving the safety of practice environments for both physicians and patients.