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Virginia Approves Telemedicine Bill

Senate Bill 1227 is a bill that amends how telemedicine is practiced in the state of Virginia.  The bill was sponsored by Senator Jeffery Waters, Republican of Virginia Beach and it did not have any co-sponsors.  The term “telemedicine” has been expanded in Virginia to also encompass the use of electronic technology or media for diagnosing or treating a patient. 

In addition to expanding the realm of techniques that can be considered telemedicine, Senate Bill 1227 also loosens restrictions on the telemedicine practitioner’s ability to prescribe medication.  A telemedicine practitioner can  establish the requirement of an “appropriate examination”  to prescribe medication  if there is at least one, in-person physical examination conducted of the patient if the telemedicine services practitioner prescribes medication other than Schedule VI (which is the lowest Schedule) controlled substances.

The law becomes effective July 1, 2015. Read the full text of the bill here


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