Alternative Risk Solutions

Captive options offer reduced expenses and a higher potential return

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OURCell PCC, a fully owned subsidiary of MagMutual and part of our MagMutual Specialty suite, provides tailored, more traditional protection with a broad array of available services – all backed by one of the largest, most trusted names in medical professional liability insurance.

Product highlights

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  • Service inclusive; single source for management, actuarial, accounting and other needs
  • Each cell is built around a central core captive, but insures only the risk of its individual owner
  • Low capitalization cost options
  • 30-60 days from completed application to go live
  • Moderate frictional costs and controllable non-loss related costs
  • Optional claims handling, risk management and patient safety services available, potentially with no additional cost

Resources and Services

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  • Actuarial services included at no cost
  • Flexibility to self-handle claims or engage MagMutual’s expert claims team to the extent desired
  • Underwriting, policy management and fronting capability available
  • Access to The Institute at MagMutual®, offering a wide spectrum of risk management and patient safety tools and services
  • 24/7 physician-staffed risk hotline
  • Diverse reinsurance options available